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MealsNMore's FAQs

What exactly is MealsNMore?

MealsNMore is a Delivery Service for Meals and More soon such as Prescriptions, Dry Cleaning and Groceries. We partner with the local businesses in the area so that other businesses, residents and hotel guests can enjoy deliveries without the hassle of going out. Most residents are tired of limited or no options when it comes to local delivery... MealsNMore is the solution to that problem. We will deliver your favorite service or food, soon nearly every cuisine type, right to your office, front door or hotel room.

How does the meals process work?

MealsNMore first partners with local restaurants that are eager to offer their food to those who cannot make it to their restaurant. Our partnered restaurants' menus are then loaded into our website for easy online ordering. Ordering is made quick and simple online by entering your zip code and address. Once your information is entered, available restaurants will be displayed. Simply click on the restaurant of your choice to view the menu. Select your items and customize your order, then click Checkout to finalize your order. If you don't have internet access or don't quite trust online ordering, or just want to talk to a person,feel free to place your order by phone, although phone orders may be charged an additional $1.00 (Not currently charged until at least 6/1/2013). You Credit Card information is safe when processed through our secured website.

Ok, I placed my order. What happens next?

Once we receive your order it will be placed in queue for the next available driver. Our drivers are busy driving all over town each night going from different restaurants to delivery points over and over again. Our delivery service is very different than say a traditional pizza shop where a driver will wait for the pizza to be cooked and is then dispatched. With MealsNMore your order is not placed with the restaurant until there is an available driver to dispatch. A common misconception is that orders that run a little long or close to the quote time will be cold or mushy. This couldn't be further from the truth. If an order is behind a little it simply means we did not have a driver immediately available. Once a driver is available your order is then placed and the driver arrives at the restaurant before the food even comes out of the kitchen. Our #1 goal is food quality and we stand behind that. Your order will be hot and fresh whether it's delivered in 30 minutes or an hour. Our quote times vary from night to night. We are very similar to dining in at a restaurant. You may wait an hour with a very busy restaurant simply because all tables are full and the kitchen can only make so much food at a given time. We do our very best to staff enough drivers so that your order is delivered in 30-60 minutes every time you order (sometimes even sooner). Keep in mind we are also at the mercy of the restaurant. Our orders have to wait in line just like everyone else.

So your driver just picked up my meal from the restaurant, how will it be transported?

Our drivers use industry leading insulated delivery bags or caterer quality Cambro Food Carrier to ensure the highest possible food quality. Once your order leaves the restaurant kitchen, it goes right into your drivers bag or Cambro and stays there until he/she arrives at your door. Our drivers keep cold items separate. Our drivers are also trained to vent their bags when transporting foods that may get mushy from steam that could be trapped in their bag.

The driver now has my order, how will they find me?

All of our drivers are equipped with a smartphone with built in GPS and are in constant contact with our dispatch center. When a driver is dispatched to a restaurant for delivery, they receive all pertinent information such as your restaurant of choice, order total, payment method, address, phone number, etc. Drivers are also sent any special instructions you leave on your order. You may receive a phone call from your driver should they have difficulty locating your address. Streets without lights are particularly tricky, especially at night. Please turn on your outside lights and be ready for the delivery driver. We recommend leaving detailed instructions when necessary.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is between $5 and $7 for your delivery zone to have your favorite food or products Delivered Right to Your Door by our MealsNMore drivers! This charge may vary depending upon the Restaurant's/Store's participation in our network; This means that the delivery charge may be up to 10% more expensive if it is a non-network Restaurant.

What is my delivery zone?

HVL residents ordering from HVL Restaurants and Middletown residents ordering from Middletown Restaurants.

What if I am craving food from outside my delivery zone?

No problem, we've got you covered. Ordering to/from the other zone for only $3.00  to $5.00 more. This fee is immediately visible to you in the ordering window as soon as you add an item to your order from a restaurant from another zone.. Please keep in mind that an extended delivery time may apply for out of zone deliveries.

When should I order?

Orders should be be placed at least 1 hour before desired delivery time.

Can I place an order for a future time?

YES! We recommend placing an Advanced Order to help ensure your desired delivery time. Advanced orders can be placed online up to 30 days before desired delivery time. Click on the Advance Ordering/Takeout button at the top of this page to schedule a future delivery. You may place an order even months in advance by calling us during our regular hours. Advanced orders must be paid for in advance by credit card payment.

What if I don't see my zip code or area listed for your service?

We can make special accommodations for almost anyone in any zip code outside of our current delivery radius. We will deliver in a 25 mile radius in Lake County (minimum order of $100) for a $15 delivery fee and a 10% gratuity. If you meet these requirements, simply select your zip code, place your order, and expect a call from MealsNMore. Please keep in mind that we may need extra time to deliver your food due to distance or we may not do the delivery due to high demand or timeframe. Feel free to call us at 707-70-MEALS (707-706-3257) if you have any questions about service to your area.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, typically the minimum is $10 per restaurant (not including delivery fees, taxes and gratuity). Some minimums may vary based on restaurant, type of restaurant, and delivery distance.

Do you mark up menu prices?

Each menu item price displayed is identical to the in-house menu price of the restaurant unless the restaurant opts to change the prices. MealsNMore will never change the price of a menu item; Only the restaurant will.

How many restaurants can I order from at one time?

You may order from as many restaurants as you wish, although a separate Discounted Delivery Fee (3.00) or Zone fee (3.00) may be added for each restaurant. Please keep in mind that orders from more than one restaurant may arrive at different times from separate drivers, particularly from out of zone restaurants.

What are your hours?


Daily (11:00 AM - 2:00 PM)

Lunch orders must be scheduled at least one business day in advance to Guarantee Delivery. You may schedule a lunch delivery either by:

(1) clicking the red "Advance Order" button at the top of this page and selecting your desired delivery date time.

(2) calling us at 707-70-MEALS (707-706-3257) during our normal office hours between 10:00am and 4:00pm.


Monday - Saturday (4:00PM - 10:00PM)

For orders that are outside of our normal delivery hours, please call during our normal office hours between 10:00am and 4:00pm at: 707-70-MEALS (707-706-3257) to make special arrangements. We would be pleased to accommodate your delivery needs no matter the day or time!

Don't forget, you can place an Advanced Order 24 hours a day on our web site and select your desired delivery date and time! Simply click the "Advanced Ordering / Takeout" button in the top menu bar.


Monday - Friday (10:00am - 4:00pm)

How do I pay?

The fastest, most secure method is to pay on our secure website at the time of your order with your credit card. However, we also accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover American Express upon delivery.

I have a family member living in Lake Co and it's tough to get a good, hot meal delivered to their home. Can you help?

YES! Call 707-70-MEALS (707-706-3257) and set up a House Account for your family member. These are available in any amount and can be paid for over the phone by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. You may also simply place a single order and have it delivered at a certain time. Go to our homepage and click the "Advance Orders" tab.

Can I use restaurant coupons?

We're sorry, but no. Our participating restaurants still want to serve you in person for those nights out. So save those coupons for a top quality in house meal. (This may change)

What do you do with information you collect from me?

Your privacy is our primary concern and we will never share your information with any outside person or entity other than the restaurant(s) that you have ordered from.. We store only needed personal information for order completion and direct contact in our secure and private database.

What else do I need to know?

Restaurants menus and prices are subject to change. Orders cannot be cancelled once placed. Call us immediately at 707-70-MEALS (707-706-3257) if the restaurant has incorrectly packaged your order to schedule a re-delivery or to receive credit. We reserve the right to refuse service at our discretion. Thank You for your business.

Don't see your favorite restaurant?

Let the owner or manager know that you would like their food

Delivered Right to your Door by MealsNMore!

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